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ø Leonard Urso-TIME BEING

۰Leonard Urso ñⰣ2011.06.10 ~ 2011.07.05

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Prophet, 2011, copper, pigment, H.167.6cm



Time Being  /

۰μ 빮ȭ ־ غ

ؾ ϴ°? ⿩ؾ ϸ ׸ âǼ Ǿ ϴ°? μ, ۰μ ֵ ɻ ΰ̴. ϴ ̾߱ () ɿ ִ ͵ ݱ ߴ. η ȭ   Ӿ ̴.

η ϴ ν μ ð ϴ Ǿ. ۰μ ΰ Ȱ ϰ ġ ΰ ϰ ̴. ̷ ۾ ̾߱ ÿ ̸ ش. ̱ , ̾߱ ƴ϶ ݿϴ ̴. ΰ ϰ Ǿ ִ. Ư ÿ ٸ ʴ. ҿ η ü зȴٴ ̴. ŷ̰ ټ , θƽ λ ̿ õ ؼ ¸ .


Another World, 2010, oil on linen, 50.8x45.7cm



ð λ Ÿ â ߿ Ѵ. ؼ ġ ´´̷ ȯ濡 ¸ âϴ ̴. ޴ Ȳ ϴ ǰ ϼǴ° ־ ߿ Ѵ.

ΰ ־ ֵ ü̴. , ׸ ϰ ׷ μ ¡ ۾ ¸ ش. ۾ μ ´ ȸȭ ǥ ̴. ۾ µ ư ɻ ̴ ΰ Ÿ Ÿ ̱⵵ ϴ, , , , ̰ ¡ ġ ǰ ȿ ׵ ڽ ϰ ְ ִ. ü ȭϴ ߿ ϰ ư ΰ Ѵ. ׸ ̸ ȴ.

ſ ߿ Ѵ ̴ ϴ, ׸ ǰ ;ϴ ڽ λ ݿϰ ؼϰ ִ ִ۰μ ϰ ¸ ϴ ϴ ɻ ؾ Ѵ ̶ ִ ִ ܼȭ õѴ

ٷ ׷ Ǿ Ѵ.


Ascension, 2010, oil on linen, 50.8x45.7cm


As an artist I question what my role in contemporary culture. What is it that I must do? What should I contribute and in which way do I engage my artistic creativity? Human beings are what interest me most, both as a person and as an artist.  I have come to realize that the stories and events that are shaping peoples lives are the things that most inspire my imagination and intellectual interests. Art serves as a primal human language, a language that seamlessly transverses cultural divide.

Acknowledging the full history of human existence has helped to shape my vision as a contemporary person.  My role as an artist is to capture human activity as it takes place in the moment, intimately revealing humanities most intrinsic qualities.  This artwork of mine should bare witness to the stories of our lives and at the same time reflect the depth of our past. Though personal, these stories are not about me, they are shared experiences that reflect our collective self's.  Human beings are all innocently linked; we are singularly unique though not so different from each other.  What may be viewed as our imperfections often reveal the truths that distinguish us as primal human creatures. We carry on a most fascinating, somewhat tragic, romantic life's and thus baring the fruit for relevant interpretive art forms.

Time being reflects this present moment through which life's current now flows. Immediacy plays an important role in my creative process. . We live in the present and continually face the unexpected time and time again. Creating a relevant art form in this environment is a challenging task. I often respond instinctually to an inspirational situation were in wisdom plays an important decisive role in how the art works become resolved.



Gathering, 2010, copper, paper, H.91.4cm


The human body serves as a primary vehicle for my art. Our bodies, hands and eyes serve us and in doing so symbolically help to shape my art forms. The language that best suits this art is pictorial and sculpted in the round. My spatial works of art and sculptural forms are enlightened by contextual and human imagery, which help to reveal the evidence of human existence.  The physical and symbolic properties of color, pattern, movement, contour, weight and form manifest themselves in my art compositions.  My hands play a vital role in shaping medium so to further embrace the role of human engagement and in this way my art is materialized.



Art plays a very important role in my personal life, without art I could not be the person that I aspire to be. I am fortunate to have a way to reflect, interpret, and respond to life. As an artist I needto be thoughtful in how I select subject matter and in which way I choose to render art forms. I attempt to simplify things as best I can though this is hardly an easy task.

For the time being this is how it should be.

Leonard Urso.


Voices, 2010, oil on linen, 71.1x45.7cm